BT-6029 5" Polishing Sponge Interface Pad Placed the Backing Plate Sanding Disc

Why Marflo 6029 Interface Pad is great?
1) Soft sponge with Nylon Velcro-Nylon hooks and Flannelette,the soft interface pad increases conformability,allowig you to follow contours
and get in closer to most edges.
2) Use with a standard 5 inch or 6 inch backing plate (Back-Up pad)
3) Constructed of a soft durable foam with dust holes
(can be used with clean sanding, and non dust free discs or regular discs.
4) More type of interface pad for choose. (Non-hole, 6 dust holes, 7 dust holes, 8 dust holes)
9 dust holes,15 dust holes,17 dust holes.
5) welcome OEM ODM made by Brilliatech