OEM:Clay Bar of the clay mitt. 
Different magic clay bars, welcome OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). 
1) Package:  multi style blister packaging;  Metal Box, and PP box; Paper Box. also Polybags for different weight.   
2) Spec:  different weight of the clay bar, 50g, 100g 120g, 150, 10, 180g 200g, .......
3) Custom  clay mitt Colours:  support custom different colours for the clay bar.
4) Grade of clay bars:  Fine, Medium, King, Point Grade

OEM:Clay Mitt
1) sampels of clay mitts are free
2) free clay bars for checking. 
3) if sampels approved,  include the color and process of the products.
4) confirm the pakcage details. 
5) confirm the shipping. 
6) confirm the leadtime
every thing is ok, 
please do payment, start your products. 

support mini-order. 
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